Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chris King and Cane Creek 110 Head Set Press Adapter

A Headset Press Adapter - 1 1/8 inch - for Chris King and Cane Creek 110 headsets.

These Adapters are machined from 6061-T651 Aluminum billet to exacting tolerances then anodized to decrease wear.These Adapters are designed specifically to install Chris King and Cane Creek 110 headsets by properly applying pressure across the top of the bearing cup assembly which eliminates bearing damage during installation.

The Adapters are compatible with the Park Headset Press (HHP-1,2,3), Pedros Headset press and Woodman.The Race Adapter is to be used when installing the base plate on the fork steer tube. The beveled side of the Race Adapter goes against the base plate before using a crown race setting tool.

Note: Frame preparation should be done in accordance to Headset Manufacture.

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