Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1/2" DU Bushing Tool & RWC Needle Bearing Tool

1/2" Bushing Tool w/RWC Needle Bearing Drift
This Tool is designed to remove & replace shock eyelet bushings. DU bushings are a press fit into the shock eyelets so this tool can be used in a vise, arbor press or with a soft headed hammer. Here is an illustration of the tools use The RWC Needle Bearing Ejector Pin installs and removes the Needle Bearing Kit sold by Real World Cycles.

The 1/2" DU Bushing Tool and RWC Tool are machined from Stainless Steel to exacting tolerances to reduce tool wear. The 1/2" Bushing Tool will Fit shocks from Fox, Cane Creek, Romic, Marzocchi Roco, 5th Element Coil, and Rock Shox (Monarch and Vivid). The RWC Needle Bearing Ejector Pin will only fit the Real World Cycling Needle Bearing Kit.

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