Thursday, August 15, 2013

Press Bottom Bracket Press Adapters

These Bottom Bracket Press Adapters are for BB30, PF30, BB86/92, BB90/95, BBright, 386EVO, SRAM DUB press fit systems.  The Press Adapters are machined from 6061-T651 Aluminum billet to exacting tolerances then anodized to decrease wear.

Option 1 - SRAM DUB Bottom Bracket Installation Press Adapters for PF30, BB30, & PF89.5/92 Bottom Bracket Standards. Gold Anodized.
Option 2 - The BB30 Bottom Bracket Installation Adapter Tool - These press adapters are for the Cannondale’s BB30 Bearing System that presses directly in the frames BB Shell. Red Anodized.

Option 3 - The PF30 Press Fit Bottom Bracket Installation Adapters for 46mm x 73.0mm or 68.0mm Bottom Bracket Shells. These press adapters are for the Press Fit 30 Bottom Bracket Assemblies that houses the 6806 Bearing in a composite or aluminum shell. This Installs the following Press Fit Systems: Chris King PF30, SRAM: PF30, Race Face: X-Type Press Fit 30, and other PF30 Bottom Bracket Systems. Green Anodized.

Option 4 - The 41mm ID Press Fit Bottom Bracket Press Adapters - Set includes two Press Adapters which can be used in conjunction with a Park HHP-2/3 bearing cup press. Installs Shimano BB86 & BB92 Press Fit Systems, SRAM Press Fit GXP, Race Face X-Type Press Fit, Chris King PF24 and other press fit BB systems. Black Anodized.

Option 5 - The BB90/95 – 37mm ID Press Fit Bottom Bracket Installation Adapters for 24mm Crank Spindles. These adapters install the 2437 (37x24x7) bearing directly into the Trek frames which allows Shimano 24mm Cranks and SRAM: GXP Cranks into Trek frames. Purple Anodized.

Park HHP-2 w/BB30 Adapters
Park HHP-2 w/PF30 Adapter

If you do not own a Park HHP 2 Press or other brand press, I can offer these press adapters with a threaded rod press as shown in the below pictures.

BB30 Press Adapter Tool
PF30 Press Adapter Tool

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