Thursday, August 15, 2013

Press Fit 30 & BB30 Bottom Bracket Press Adapters

BB30 Bottom Bracket Installation Adapter Tool - Red

Designed to install BB30 bearings in the frames bottom bracket shell. Includes two Press Adapters which are used in conjunction with a Park HHP-2 bearing cup press to press bearing into the frame.

BB30 Press Adapters

Park HHP-2 w/BB30 Adapters

Press Fit 30 Bottom Bracket Press Adapters - Black

Set includes two Press Adapters which can be used in conjunction with Park HHP-2 bearing cup press. Installs BB90, BB92, Shimano Press Fit, SRAM Press Fit GXP, Race Face Press Fit and other press fit BB systems.
PF30 Press Adapters
Park HHP-2 w/PF30 Adapter
If you do not own a Park HHP 2 Press or other brand press, I can offer these press adapters with a threaded rod press as shown in the below pictures.

BB30 Press Adapter Tool
PF30 Press Adapter Tool

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